Italy_29 Assisi

Pravejsem dorazil a radne zaparkoval u hutelu, na samem okraji meastecka Assissi.


2 comments on “Italy_29 Assisi

  1. Jim_B says:

    How many Saints does it take to fly a house ?

    • Zdenek Zeman says:

      Hi Jim, thank you for your comment. Your seemingly simple question, which I could easily answer on religious level, based on witness, two herdsman, of this miracle an many paintings and sculptures, all approved by divine authority of many popes and saints. So answer is four angels (may be five, in case one is hidden behind the house). Because I know you, I am expecting that your question was technical level, and this is opening complete Pandoras Box of questions, and will require much deeper approach to solving this complex set of problems. Why angels have wings? What substance are angels created from? Thus the substance has the property of matter? What is the wing span required (not mention that Mary and Jesus ware sitting on the roof) … and so on.

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